Why D&G Rhodys Nursery recommends choosing flowers plants

A house decorated with specific indoor plants and flowers will bring optimism, elegance and well-being. DG Rhodys Nursery, will introduce you to the best plant species in this category, so you can make these plants the new tenants of your home.

The vases can give life to that boring corner of the room, rejuvenate the railing of a terrace already entered in years or transform the inner courtyard of the building into an Eden. Although the same effect can be achieved with roses, carnations and similar bouquets, it will not be as durable as with flowering indoor plants. Therefore, if you are thinking of remodeling your home with the wonders of flora, do not hesitate, DG Rhodys Nursery proposes that you choose indoor plants with flowers.

Rhodys NurseryIn addition, they quickly get used to closed environments, and although they require basic levels of light and water, they will only need minimal care to stay vigorous. Following these guidelines recommended by DG Rhodys Nursery, indoor plants can last a long time.

How long is a plant?

DG Rhodys Nursery advises that indoor plants should have minimal maintenance so that they grow strong and healthy. Having a basic knowledge of plants will help you take care of what you have in your home and enjoy them longer.

To do this, DG Rhodys Nursery suggests that you consider these four points:

  1. Fertilize the plant: plants in their habitat consume a series of nutrients that the same soil provides, but when transplanted to a pot, they should be given a fertilizer with organic or inorganic nutrients. The organics are slower but more durable.
  2. Water the plant: it is important that the water reaches the roots directly and not just wet the surface of the soil. DG Rhodys Nursery recommends that you fill the pot with water to the edge of the pot and allow it to penetrate well; the excess will drain through the bottom holes of the pot. The frequency of watering depends on the type of plant.
  3. Prune the plant: this process is simply to keep plants free of pests and diseases. In addition, remove dead, damaged or diseased stems, as well as dried or withered leaves and flowers. In any of the above cases, pruning involves removing sections of the plant with scissors to cause the buds to come down and develop and grow well.
  4. Staking: to prevent a plant from twisting due to the weight of the flower, the staking technique is used. It consists of supporting the stem in a stake, so that it grows leaning on this one, but the stakes must remain hidden so as not to break the harmony of the arrangement.

Do you want to give flowers?

DG Rhodys Nursery recommends that when giving flowers, think of flowering plants, a peculiarity of the plant kingdom that can be as striking as a bouquet of roses, tulips, daisies, lilies or others.

In this way DG Rhodys Nursery, has at your disposal a variety of plants that sooner or later, develop their own flowers, large, bright, durable and precious.

Since plants require less specific care than a bouquet of flowers and last much longer, they are a perfect option to decorate home spaces.


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