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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I take care of my rhododendron?

Please follow the next instruction below.

How can I get back to you, or reach you?

You can contact us via:

Email: Fax: (503) 981-3680

Phone: (503) 982-4666 Text: (971) 983-7052

How deep should I plant my rhododendrons?
  1. Set top of root ball 2’’ above ground level.
  2. Mix ½ garden soils and ½ planting mix.
  3. Mound soil to form water basin.
How often should I water my plant?

Water Frequently every other day. Avoid soggy areas, rhododendrons like to be moist.

What type of fertilizer should I use?

You can use any type of fertilizer that contain the three mayor ingredients that help rhododendrons grow; Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). For example we recommend the formula 10-8-8 fertilizer. You can find this in your nearest garden center.

Are you registered with your state?

Yes, were registered with our state of Oregon our license number is AG1008572.

How do you control disease on your plants?

We control our disease by using different type of fungicide and disease control. We switch every type of fungicide every 2 months. All the chemicals we use do not harm our environment.

How do you get rid of lace bugs?

We spray every once a month with Acephate and every month we switch to Chloropyrifos Quality-Pro. We swap our chemicals for better results.

Where can I get your product?

You can find our product in your nearest garden center. But if you are a wholesale please contact us by email


How can I get your product?

Our transportation is available. As a new client the first two deliveries are free with the minimum of 250 items.

What is the minimum to get a delivery?

The minimum is 250 items. But if there is someone else who wants to take the half that works too.

How often are you in our area?

From January 19 to June 1st we are traveling every other week.

Is it possible to get 5-10 items?

Yes. We can make adjustments verbally. I am sure we can find some space.

How can I place my order?

Please fill out the request form down below.