D&G Rhodys Nursery leaves you excellent advice on caring for plants in pots at home

In order for your potted plants to grow beautiful, DG Rhodys Nursery recommends that you take care of certain details regarding the sowing of seeds, choosing the soil and other peculiarities of the species.

  1. Find out about the care of your plant
    Do not rush to buy a plant and then want to plant it in a pot, take some time to inform yourself about the characteristics of the different plants that you would like to have and know if it is convenient to be inside a pot.
  2. Choose an appropriate pot
    Get for your plant a pot that has small holes in the bottom, this is vital so that, when watering the plant, the water drains outside and does not accumulate in the pot; excess water could drown your plant.

    DG Rhodys Nursery advises that nowadays it is not necessary to buy a flowerpot, in fact you can put your plant in any conditioned container to fulfill the function of flowerpot.

    You can, for example, recycle plastic bottles and use them to put your plants in them, always taking the precaution of piercing the base of the bottle to drain the water. Or use an old pasta strainer that already has the perforations made.

  3. Use the best land
    For potted plants it is best not to use garden soil as it can contain weeds, insect eggs and even fungi, which in a pot will be much harder to fight without damaging the plant.

    If you are one of the people who have almost no time to take care of plants, DG Rhodys Nursery can provide you with mixtures of soil that contain slow-release fertilizers, so that they are gradually activated as the plant needs them. Tell the seller what plant you have so he can indicate the best land for your plant since not all are the same.

  4. Prepare to sow
    If you will use a large and heavy pot, DG Rhodys Nursery warns you to place it from the beginning in the place where you will leave it fixed, since if you do the sowing and then you want to move the pot you could hurt yourself.

    Before putting the soil, place a grid or water filter inside the pot, in this way the soil will not run and the irrigation water can be emptied without problems. Finally, DG Rhodys Nursery recommends that you put the earth in, crush it and press so as not to leave air spaces.


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