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About the history of the owner of D&G Rhodys Nursery;

About us: Everything related to D&G Rhodys Nursery started in 1995, when I started showing interest and working in a daycare center full time.


I come from a family where nobody enjoys agriculture, including me but when I turned twelve years old. Something changed in my mind, the passions, a feel for Mother Nature, and thinking of trees and flowers made me change, during the time I was in school. I left school without a graduate from high school and begun to work for a nursery. My boss let me work part-time at the age of sixteen, but as soon as I turned eighteen I became a full-time employee.


I wanted to grow my own nursery, as I worked I began to think of all the different types of plants I wanted to grow. I came in love with the Rhododendrons they were the ones who caught my eyes. I decided to go back to school and get my high school diploma, and also take an agriculture class. To learn from as much as I could of rhododendrons. In 1998 I started to the propagation of the most popular rhododendrons like; Anah Kruschke, Catawbiense, PJM’s, Nova Zembla, and Unique. Beginning with only the most popular varieties and to this day carrying over 224 different varieties of Rhododendrons.


As the nursery began to grow so did my family. My family and I put all our effort into this family-run nursery. I enjoy watching my rhododendrons grow with my children because I know that they enjoy it too.


Our sales go through all Oregon and West Washington. All our product is inspected by the USDA.


We make our deliveries no more than 150 miles and we always welcome new clients. Please let us know your needs or any improving.

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